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Weddings at Fleay’s


Australia is blessed with some of the most unique and stunning natural beauty in the world, so it isn’t uncommon for engaged couples to want to celebrate their wedding day among this beauty. A natural setting can enhance the intimacy of a ceremony, create a memorable reception and provide some of the most personal, beautiful photograph and video opportunities that can be captured on camera. All without spending thousands of dollars and dozens of hours on styling or decorating a space. Couples hosting a wedding in a natural setting can pursue a cleancut garden party look, an exotic rainforest feel, an enchanted fairytale vibe or a rustic simple feel, all by adding their own flourishes and small details to a gorgeous natural venue.

So bountiful are the benefits and beauty of a natural feeling wedding, that it is a wonder that the Australian countryside and rainforests aren’t overrun with wedded bliss. However, with all the advantages an amazing natural look brings, there is one major drawback and that is the location. It is difficult to bring together guests in distant locations. People tend to want to avoid hiking down trails or scrambling over hillsides while wearing their best dress. While coaxing guests to drive hours out of the city to a pristine piece of countryside can sour the atmosphere of a wedding before it begins. Unfortunately, there are very few venues in the country that can offer a gorgeous, genuine natural feel, without enduring these major setbacks.

If you are getting married on the Gold Coast there is wonderful news. One of those few venues has had a complete makeover and has opened it’s doors for couples to say I do. Fleay’s Events is proud to offer a premium natural venue in Burleigh Heads, less than 30 minutes from Gold Coast airport.

The Venue

Wanting a wonderful natural setting for a wedding is a big draw, but any fastidious bride knows that a space can’t just be beautiful, it has to offer all the vital function a wedding needs. So, what does Fleay’s offer?

Does it have gorgeous outdoor ceremony spaces in natural surrounds?

Yes! Fleay’s features an intimate grove, surrounded by beautiful trees and timber seating; a waterside ampitheatre that can cater for hundreds of guests, and other options that range from charming, to breathtaking.

What if it rains, are there indoor spaces?

Indeed there is. Fleay’s features a stunning undercover timber deck, with views of the beautiful wildlife park. The rain catching on the leaves as the backdrop to your ceremony certainly rivals any sunny-day vows. Fleay’s also features a number of other indoor and undercover spaces for all your celebration’s needs. 

Does Fleay’s offer reception spaces as well as ceremony locations?

Naturally. Fleay’s isn’t just a fantastic venue to be married in, it’s an equally wonderful place to start your marriage. Fine dining, sit down meals can be hosted inside or outside. Cocktail style parties and drinks can be taken on our pristine garden lawn or guests can mingle among the wildlife exhibits.

Wedding Packages

If you’ve been to see Fleay’s then no doubt you’re sold on it’s charm and beauty as a Gold Coast wedding venue.

If you haven’t been, get in contact with us. We would love to show you around!

Though the venue isn’t all a wedding needs. You need furniture, decoration, flowers and most importantly food! This is why Fleay’s has partnered with Cuisine on Cue. This premium local catering company has been serving up 24 carat cuisine for over 25 years! Which isn’t even the best part. Cuisine on Cue offers full-service catering and wedding packages, meaning you can arrange all your food, furniture, rental and styling with their team. You can browse their menus here.

Fleay’s may be a newly opened venue, but with an experienced team standing behind them, Fleay’s events is ready to host stunning, natural weddings for any couple that walks through the door. Take a look at the pictures below or visit our instagram page to see some of the incredible looks Fleay’s can offer.

If you’re engaged and looking for a venue, you owe it to yourself to pay Fleay’s a visit. It is the only venue that can offer this rare natural beauty, just minutes from the heart of the Gold Coast. You can get in touch with the Fleay’s team and make an enquiry here, or check out our brochure here. You can also visit us any day until 4pm.