For 70 years Fleay’s has been giving care and support to animals in need, while educating and providing the public with a gorgeous space to explore and spend time. In recent years Fleay’s had been continuing its fantastic work with little fanfare. That changed with the massive turnout at Fleay’s 70th birthday party! They say 70 is the new 40 and the park embodies this spirit. Fleay’s has had a makeover and is drawing a crowd bigger than ever. Over 500 guests visited Fleay’s for their birthday and the popularity of the park has peaked since the crowds poured in late September.

Visitors enjoyed all the classic park attractions, packing the ampitheatre for the bird show and lining the walkways to glimpse the famous resident Bilbies. However, the surprise highlights came in the form of Fleay’s renovated events spaces. The Cafe and Deck worked overtime to serve hot food, cakes and refreshments to the guests and the newly opened Lawn was chosen to host the unveiling of a statue commemorating the park’s founder, David Fleay. Photo opportunities featuring native Australian flora and fauna were in no short supply with the overhaul of Wallaby Way, allowing guests to mingle and take photographs with adorable wallabies and other native animals. While there was no suprise that Fleay’s is still delivering as a wildlife park with the overhaul of the space, the growing buzz was focussed on Fleay’s as an emerging events venue. The legacy of Fleay’s as a wildlife park is well secured after 70 years of operation, but it’s reputation as a top-tier Gold Coast events venue is just blooming. You can discover more about Fleay’s events packages here. While you can check out Fleay’s events and catering partner Cuisine on Cue here.

Open seven days a week, the park is open to inspect for guests to examine the new events spaces until 4pm. Parties and corporate events are well suited to the park, but Kids Parties on the deck, featuring live animal shows and guided tours through the park by some of the rangers are extremely popular. Beaten out only by Wedding enquiries – which are flooding in. As soon to be married couples look to reserve the best dates for their dream, nature wedding that only Fleay’s can offer so close to the heart of the Gold Coast.

After 70 years of operation Fleay’s has opened a new chapter. Promising to continue to succeed. Offering the Gold Coast a one-of-a-kind sanctuary, available for guests to enjoy a rare, natural experience in Burleigh Heads. Visit the park to see for yourself the picturesque beauty of Fleay’s – or make an enquiry with us to plan an event, party or incredible wedding!